NASA has a Job opening to protect earth from aliens-and it pays a six-figure salaryNASA is looking for a planetary protection officer who can protect Earth and its residents from alien intrusion, and it’ll pay a six-figure salary for the honor.

The Planetary Protection Officer (PPO) is responsible for the leadership of NASA’s planetary protection capability and maintenance of planetary protection policies.

Main objective of PPO is to avoid organic –constituent and biological contamination in human and robotics space hunting. The PPO also supports the Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Technical Authority for planetary protection.

NASA says, those who are interested must have at least one year’s experience as civilian government employee with “broad engineering experience”. You also need to have “advanced knowledge” of planetary protection.

The job which is offering a salary of between $124,406 and $187,000 per year, involves many duties like preventing aliens from contaminating the Earth and ensuring human space explorers do not break other objects in space.

The job initially is a three-year contract based that may be extended for a further next two years. During this time span NASA will be planning respective missions, including journey to Europa, a moon of Jupiter, where it will search for signs of alien life. The selected candidate will have to work with some different branches of NASA and various organizations that are involved in planetary protection.

Individuals will be required to travel oftentimes, but like any job, there will be a remarkable amount of emails, propositions and other readings.

Applications are open from July 13 through August 14.