HBO Hacked Upcoming Episodes Games of Thrones Data Leaked OnlineHBO chairman and CEO Richard Pleper has recently reported to their employees saying that “there has been cyber attack detected at the company which has resulted in some stolen branded information “.

Several news outlets mentioned an email from anonymous hackers claiming that they had taken 1.5 TB of Data. The upcoming TV episodes have also been uploaded online including one episode each of Ballers and Room 104, but no episodes of “Game of Thrones” had yet pop out. And hackers say, there is more to come.

Company is sure that without HBO subscription, viewers can’t get their hands on “Game of Thrones”. In its statement, the company said “we are investigating the incident and working with law enforcement and some cyber security firms.

Now, HBO should have to take care of upcoming counter plan twist from Game of Thrones from revealing to the public, because it is the greatest show in history. The series has become the highest-rated cable program after completing its six seasons.

Reporters had received email from the intruders, which says that this is the biggest leak of cyber era. However, HBO have already gone through this pain. In 2015, the first 4 episodes of Game of Thrones Season 5 were leaked online. After that, in 2016, one of the Season 6 episodes was released early.

This is the first time the company has been the victim of a superior cyber-attack. Although, they assured everyone that the company will be protected from any future cyber-attacks.