The summer vacation relaxation can go awry anytime, especially when you plan traveling to an unfamiliar place.

At the airport, searching through your luggage is no fun for your boarding pass. On a road trip, missing an exit is really annoying. Thus, before you leave, a lot of stress follows right from the time you book a flight. Here are some tech tools helping in making your trip simple:

Managing itinerary
While catching a flight, avoid digging for your boarding pass, be it a paper printout or emailed itinerary. Go for Triplt, mobile free apps as it is less cluttered and ensures easy read.

Traveling with a smartphone
As you travel overseas, a smartphone is handy to retrieve maps or even to find nearby eating places. Unlock the phone use a foreign sim card or else the international carrier’s rates vary. But, if you are visiting multiple countries, juggle sim cards.

T-Mobile’s free international roaming is good. For Verizon and AT&T users, a pricey but simple option is to sign up for an international data pass costing $10 a day apart from the normal plans.

Battery life is important, so carry external battery pack to charge your smartphone for a week.
On road listen to your preferred songs if you are driving. For long drives, consider an inexpensive car mount, it helps.

Finally, your phone requires constant power to show maps. Use battery packs, but best is a USB charger plugging into a cigarette lighter.Without fail get the right hotel booked. Use recommended sites and book at reasonable prices.