Jobs Fair of Amazon is Hiring ThousandsIn Romeoville, Ill., many showed up for Amazon’s job fair in a huge tent. Brandon Williams arrived at Amazon fulfillment center, he was one of those who showed up for the jobs on the first day. He said there was seating arrangement done in a makeshift waiting room in a huge tent.

The event presented a vivid illustration of Amazon’s ascendance, the online retail company that was equally and much bigger in the tech industry had a need for human labor to boost its explosive growth.

Like other tech giants, Amazon is also hiring thousands of people with engineering and business degrees in high-paying jobs. However, the vast majority of Amazon’s hiring is for its “fulfillment network”, which means it hires people to pick and pack orders in warehouses and also unload and drive delivery trucks.

The event on Wednesday, was held at a dozen locations including Romeoville, Ill., and the aim was to fill 50,000 in lower-paying positions and 40,000 of them were full-time jobs.

The high-low distinctions did not bother the job fair attendees, many of them were united there that a foot inside this door could ensure a career of better-compensated and more satisfying work, in fulfillment.

“A record-breaking 20,000 applications were received,” said John Olsen, an Amazon human resources vice president, “and over thousands of job offers were extended to candidates and more will be coming in the next few days.”

Filling jobs is challenging, as it partly explains the jamboree at Amazon’s warehouses. The company’s warehouse jobs, pay is $12 to $15 an hour. Amazon has successfully resisted union organizing that may initiate worker protections.