Yuppie Flu Erythrogenic disease that blood test can easily identifyChronic Fatigue Syndrome is an inflammatory ailment which could be detected through a simple blood test.  Researchers have discovered that people afflicted from symptoms of CFS show spikes in 17 proteins. CFS syndrome has been detected in 250000 Britons. The common symptoms are extreme tiredness, muscle pain, sleep disorders, headaches and flu-like symptoms.

This syndrome happens after an illness, infection or devastating events such as road accidents. These could lead to the immune system being lacking to shut down properly. In cases as these, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory drugs have assisted people to recover. A new research has shown a definite reason for the condition: Acute inflammation,navigated by the immune system.

Inflammation drives away the invader therefore people feel groggy when fighting a cold or flu. The scientists studied the blood samples of 192 patients with CFS symptoms and compared them to 392 healthy subjects. The results yielded that levels of immune system emanation called cytokines were lower in patients with mild form of CFS than in the healthier subjects.

The hormone Leptin that checks hunger was found in high quantities in people with severe form of disease. Leptin is responsible for telling the brain when the stomach is full and the reason that people lose desire of eating when ill. Leptin is found abundantly in women as compared to men. Three out of every four patients are women.

CFS can transform a productive life into that one of isolation and reliance. For 35 years now this disease is being observed. Some say it is psychological. But it is by no means a concoction of the brain. It exists and is very real.