Power blackout at Outer Banks thwarted summer tourismOuter Banks the much known destination for its vibrant summer and tourists has suffered a setback due to power blackouts.Massive power blackout has got tourism to a standstill on the islands of Hatteras and Ocracoke. Motel owners are running in expendable losses as tourists have receded and the motel reservations had to be cancelled.

This blackout took place about Thursday morning accidently when some workers working for PCL construction drove a steel casing into an underground transmission line. Therefore the power got cut off from the point south to Ocracoke, the southern terminus of the Outer Banks, a series of barrier islands comprising most of North Carolina’s northern coast. As a result around thousands of visitors were told to evacuate the premises.

However, recently there has been some good news. Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative has declared that only two or three underground transmission cables were damaged and utility was trying to restore the power in two ways.

This power blackout has been has been the biggest cause of desertion of tourists. They would be playing in the sun rays and surfing the waters before the summer ended. The local people are suffering huge economic losses. PCL construction should be paying insurance for the damages that they have led the islands into.

Dare County Emergency Services declared that evacuation orders were been given and there was no date been set for the returning of the tourists. Nearly 470 campsites were closed at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, but the signature lighthouse and the facilities remained open due to generators.