India, with over 200 million Facebook users, has received its Independence Country status on August 15, 1947’s 12 midnight and it celebrates the Independence Day on the same date. However, It looks like Facebook has forgotten, or missed the timing to post a greeting message on users’ newsfeeds, like it shows up something to share on special occasions and even those awkward Good Morning/Good Evening messages.facebook-happy-independence-day-poster

It wasn’t that bad if the company hasn’t started issuing special greetings to share on user timelines in the first place. For festivals, birthday occasions and other celebrations, Facebook sends a greeting message to every user. This time, it seems the social network has scheduled the Independence greeting message to appear in the user timeline in the morning hours.

After having a quick look on user timelines, people have already started greeting each other on the occasion of Indian Independence Day 2016‘s celebration. The greeting post would look like the above image, which was taken as a screenshot in 2015. Many Facebook users rely on its own Greetings instead of searching for Independence Day 2016 Facebook status, Independence Day 2016 Facebook Quotes and Independence Day 2016 Facebook Messages in Google Search and then copy paste into their Newsfeed.

It’s possible that the option is rolling out to every user in phases. It could also start appearing on your timeline by the time you read this post. Anyway, Happy 70th Independence Day.