California Dad Left 16-Day Old Son In Parking Lot, Police Arrest HimIn Suisun City, California, on Tuesday, a child was recovered by a northern Californian strip-mall store worker, as the baby boy was recovered from the parking lot of the mall. Later the police were informed about the incident and found that the father of the baby boy has abandoned the 16-days old boy, but later got arrested by the police, says an official.

According to the police report, which was placed right after the police arrested the father, who eventually got arrested in a hospital after he got injured in a hit and run case, as the incident happened after the father left the child on a strip-mall parking lot bench.

The police also said there was a surveillance camera was placed in the parking lot where it recorded the strange behavior of a car which apparently left a basket on one of the benches present on there, and it was the baby, later found one of the store workers.

The identity of the father who has left his 16-day old baby on the bench was later released by the police, which was founded by them with the help of the surveillance video, as it was able to show the nameplate of the car on which the person was traveling.

The name of the father is Daniel Mitchell, who is just 18-year old, and it is also that Mitchell claims that he just forget about the kid whom he left there at the parking lot, as he is married to the mother as well.