Apple iPhone 6 has proved to be the ultimate change that Apple users were looking for. The phone comes power packed with new features and Apple has believed to break out through its orthodox norms and started out with experimenting at a greater pace. Some features may come as a surprise while others as a relief. As a complete review, the iPhone 6 is the next big thing and for all the right reasons. The iPhone 6 has created much buzz among its customers and has delivered them a better performance, greater speed and amazing UI in this complete smartphone. iphone 6

iPhone 6 this time is bigger and better than iPhone 5s. The phone continues to dazzle its customers, as the Apple makers have considered increasing the screen size, they have taken a leap from their 4 inch bench mark to 4.7 inch display screen. The edges are curved and the phone doesn’t look boxy like its previous models. The phone is sleeker and thinner and has made space for other functions to be incorporated without any error. The weight of the phone has gone a bit higher as it weighs around 129g but surprisingly it is still lighter than iPhone 4s.

Another major change in iPhone 6 is the position of the Sleep/Wake button. The Sleep/Wake button in the new iPhone 6 is removed from the top to the side parallel opposite to the Volume Up/Down button. A lot of customers are not accustomed to this change and are facing difficulty by pressing wrong buttons. Even though there are so many changes regarding the dimensions and physicality, iPhone 6 has emerged as a one handed operable phone.

The speakers are similar to the ones in iPhone 5s, but are considerably high in performance as it is loud and clear with multiple settings to create the sound you desire.

The much hyped Retina HD display is remarkably the best feature of iPhone 6. Retina HD display ensures that the density is around 326 ppi and is displayed in a 720p resolution. With the increase in height of the phone, the iPhone 6 also ensures high quality and therefore the color display implementation comes with a full sRGB color gamut. Therefore, this feature does iPhone 6 a personal favorite for photographers and artists who make sure that the color accuracy is maintained throughout the final product, with the iPhone 6 they do not have to perform color corrections.

The image quality is way better in iPhone 6 as it provides wider angle capture in high definition. The camera is amazing, even though they have maintained the 12 MP primary camera with 4K video recording and other added features like FaceTime and HDR recording with face and smile detection and excellent photo quality even in low-light conditions.

The screen does not appear bright and clear in daylight because of its poor contrast ratio. With so many smartphone companies adopting AMOLED screens to improve their screen resolution and sharpness in daylight or extreme light conditions, Apple’s iPhone 6 has been observed to have taken a back seat and stick to their LCD screens. The icons are mega sized and zoom, which makes the interface less attractive.

The Apple A8 chipset has been speculated to increase the speed and performance of the processor. Customers are very happy with the smoothness in which the device runs, but are facing difficulty when it comes to battery life. The A8 chipset fails to be productive on this domain. It’s coprocessor M8 doesn’t differ much in terms of functionality and is aimed to reduce power consumption and ensure that all the apps are running efficiently and the ones that are inactive are turned off. All of this does make iPhone 6 pretty desirable.

These were some of the basic information about iPhone 6 that you should know before spending your big bucks on this extravagant buy.