McCain Expresses His Anger At Turkish Ambassador After Violence Erupts During A ProtestOn Thursday, Senior John McCain expressed his anger by saying that the ambassador of Turkey should be thrown out of the United States. His comments came after a group of protestors were thrashed right outside the residence of the ambassador in Washington DC. This incident had occurred in the beginning of this week.

It was Tuesday when a protest broke out right outside the house of Turkey’s ambassador. The protest broke out after a meeting between the United States President Donald Trump and the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan. On the same day, Erdogan also visited the home of Serdar Kılıç.

Unfortunately, the protest took a violent form, which resulted in some damages as well. Nine people during the protest were injured, and in this regard, McCain said that the people responsible for inflicting violence were the security members of Erdogan.

In this regard, he said that the United States of America is not like Turkey, and this kind of violent will never be tolerated. He also said that diplomatic is the right way to solve this kind of issue. Apart from showing his anger towards Kılıç, McCain also said that lawsuits should be brought against the people responsible behind this incident.

He also added that the people responsible for this incident violated the laws of the United States, and the Americans cannot tolerate the same. It is the right of every American to protest peacefully. Now, it would be interesting to see how this matter takes shape in the days to come.