Huge Tornado Erupts From The North Section Of The United States &Goes To The SouthIn Norman, Oklahoma, the city’s storm center predicted there were going to be a huge tornado engaging towards the southern section of the country from the north in the states of Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota.

As per the National Weather Service, who has received scattered reports of tornadoes, which will followed by the severe thunderstorms that will muffle Tuesday afternoon in two states of Oklahoma and Texas. The weather department also predicted that the storm would be so severe that there might be a chance of power failures in many regions in these two states, and this will stay for sometimes.

On the other hand, the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, says there is a greater risk of tornadoes arising in the western part of the state which will also get to the Panhandle of the mighty Texas. The tornadoes will arise from the northern most state of Minnesota and exactly from its southeastern past to down south to Texas, and in between, there will be many states that might get some places perished by the storm and tornadoes. These states are such as Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and of course the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

While the ongoing storms that have started in the region of the north, and it has also been reported there were at least 20 people got injured by the storm in a mobile home park which is near Chetek that is in Wisconsin’s western region.

Other than this there were no other mishaps reported till now, says the authorities.