Jeff Goldblum is one of the most celebrated stars in Hollywood, who is known for his famous films from Jurassic Park to Independence Day, and much more. But, it was lesser known to people that at one time Goldblum was approached by the late Steve Jobs, who was then the CEO of Apple, to become a voice of Siri, which might be another role of Goldblum in the technical world.

In an interview, the Hollywood star revealed the news, and this is one of a kind for him, as he says a few decades ago the late co-founder have called him up and offered him to do some voiceover work.

But, on that time the company, Apple was not so famous and also it’s CEO, because of many other reasons the partnership never accomplished, and the fans never get to hear the voice of Jeff Goldblum in Siri, but instead, they got Susan Bennett as the firm voice. Goldblum now kind of regret the opportunity, which he didn’t take, and it is obvious, at that time he was a successful actor and on the other hand, Siri was still just in a planning stage, and Steve Jobs was not famous then.

Goldblum didn’t voice for Siri, but he never let down another potential good opportunity, which came to him with the hand of world famous video game the Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The step of him was unbelievable, and many fans and gamers still remember the voice act of Goldblum from the game.