So, finally the day is lose when you get to feel the MacBook Pro in your hands and use it to understand just how versatile the MacBook Pro is. There are so many rumors revolving around the release date, the special features, software, processor performance and the much-hyped change in design. Some of them are confirmed and some aren’t. macbook-pro

We understand the customer’s need to know everything about the MacBook Pro and uncover the curtains of uncertainty around it. Here’s a humble attempt from our end to help you understand the MacBook Pro features a little in depth.

We are compiling for you 7 things you need to know about the MacBook Pro release, so read this article to familiarize yourself with the Apple’s new MacBook Pro launch before you line up in the stores to purchase it.

  1. Since Apple is trying to revolutionize the market with many new features and changes in their new MacBook Pro version, it is taking a lot of time than speculated to release it in both domestic and international matter. They haven’t come up with a release date yet, but nonetheless you can expect them to launch their much hyped MacBook Pro in the last quarter of this year. As Apple is busy with promoting the release of iPhone 7 on 16th September, they have a biased focus on both the products. The MacBook Pro will be expected to launch soon after iPhone 7 stocks in the market.
  2. The design just keeps getting better with every Apple product and you can expect to be stunned by the MacBook Pro design. The notebook is thinner and lighter and carries with it the ease of portability. The display screen is rumored to be available in 13inch and 15 inch. They have cut down a lot of port connections to make the MacBook Pro sleeker. The keyboard is interactive and boasts a new layout. The screen will drop their LCD concept and adapt AMOLED screen. There are new colors in which it will be available, including space gray, gold, rose gold and silver.
  3. Say goodbye to the 4K resolution as Apple in collaboration with Intel has vendored the amazingly smooth Kaby Lake processor. You can get the best gaming experience and high quality video recording. They have adopted the Thunderbolt 3 over USB C and have given new dimensions to wireless computing. Touch ID in iPhones has become increasingly common and MacBook Pro is also adopting this feature.
  4. Let’s get into the world of vast Apple memory storage. While a lot of us may be waiting for Apple to introduce a card reader in laptops and tablets or a MicroSD slot in smartphones, there is a reason of utter disappointment as there is no progress in that field. However, with Kaby Lake processor and 8GB to 16GB internal RAM memory compartments, you can’t complain much. There will be only 4 C type USB ports in MacBook Pro, as an attempt to cut down physical space. The storage capacity in the MacBook Pro is like any other notebook and comes with four slots of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.
  5. A step ahead in correcting the letdowns with their last release, the MacBook Pro promises to come up with a better and much improved battery life. They have taken the customer complaints seriously and adopted processors that are efficient to support 9 hours of battery consumption for the 13 inch MacBook Pro and 10 hours of battery support in the 15 inch MacBook Pro.
  6. Touch IDs and OLED screen are the biggest savior for the MacBook Pro. This unique feature sets the MacBook Pro apart from its previous versions and older models. Although the complete detachable screen and the touch screen is not something that Apple has worked on. Their OLED screen and unique Touch ID have compensated for all the missing features.
  7. Apple has put in a lot of effort in MacBook Pro as they do with any product they launch. However, this doesn’t change the fact that there can be a few letdowns as the price doesn’t always means high quality. If you are looking for a reasonable notebook, you can opt for other laptops as the competition is relatively high in the market.