Officer Shannon Dresser Wins The Title of Miss Texas United StatesIt happens very seldom that female police offers participate in beauty pageant contests. In Texas, United States, recently Miss Texas United States beauty contest was organized, and the result surprised everyone in a very good way. The winner of the beauty pageant was a female police officer, and her name is Shannon Dresser.

Officer Shannon Dresser is an officer in the Katy Independent School District, and she has definitely impressed the judges as well as the audience with her beautiful personality and charm. So, apart from carrying the title of a police officer, now she will carry one more title, and this one is going to be really a special one.

As a matter of fact, Officer Shannon Dresser had participated and competed in various beauty contests and pageants since her childhood days. So, she already has a lot of experience in this field. The beauty pageant contest was organized on Saturday, and the competition features numerous contestants.

As per her parents, it was the police training she had received helped her to win the competition. Interestingly, both her parents are retired LAPD officers. In this regard, Officer Shannon Dresser said, “Training is for the unexpected situations, which mainly includes the worst ones. But, we should always hope for the best in any kind of condition.”

She also added that she the training also helped her in improving her communication skills, and she can talk to anyone. Without any doubt, she is going to be a source of inspiration for the other female officers.