Plastic Pieces Are Piling Up On Henderson IslandHenderson Island, in the South Pacific, is many miles from major industrial centers or human communities. The pathetic fact is that it is filled with trash pieces, say researchers.

Over 37 million plastic debris pieces are found accumulated in the South Pacific on a remote island, that is thousands of miles away even from the nearest city, say researchers who documented the accumulating trash.

Turtles tangle in fishing line, and hermit crabs build homes in plastic containers. The high-tide line is isolated by litter. It is found that small scraps of plastic pieces are buried into the sandy beaches inches deep.

This is the highest debris density found anywhere in the world, say scientists. They research on trash that is found at Henderson Island accumulated. The island is uninhabited and is only visited by scientists once or twice a decade, as per the University of Tasmania. But it is the ocean currents steadily bringing a stream of plastic trash from around the world, from litter swept into debris and storm drains dropped off fishing boats.

There is no escape from the plastic pollution on Henderson Island and this is the most distant ocean part, said Jennifer Lavers, the lead author. This deserted island is a remote place and it is shocking to see plastic debris affecting the global environmental scale.

There are no major factories or towns and the researchers refer it as “exceptional.” The trash interferes with sea turtle nests and is a threat to seabirds that gets stuck in the debris.