Strange Radio signals being detected from a starThe astronomers are experiencing strange radio signals coming from a distant star that is 11 light years from earth. These signals were first deciphered in May from Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

The astronomers were monitoring red dwarfs when they picked up some distinctive radio waves coming from that area of the sky where a star named Ross 128 is situated. The signals happen to be coming from red dwarf. However, the wave patterns do not gel with that of the star according to the astronomers. The form of shape suggested that theses waves have been travelling from deep space.

There are speculations that these signals may be coming from the solar flare of the star Ross 128 that is a very active star and flares habitually. But radio signals coming from Solar flares have low frequencies as compared to ones detected by Arecibo. The waves might be travelling from somewhere deep in space in the field of view of Ross. There is nothing within the visible radius of the star Ross therefore one cannot derive at a conclusion.

Right now it cannot be said where this signal is coming from – earth or space. This weird radio signal could be emanating from radio disruption but local radio waves have easily distinguishable patterns. Another possibility is that this signal could be coming from a satellite which is orbiting earth. But according to Mendez, “interference can bounce between mountains and buildings. Never like this though.”

Mendez and his team are sure that these waves are travelling from deep within the space. Each radio wave has its own frequency that is how much waves move up and down in a given period of time.Communication from earth is set at just one frequency. Therefore this mystery needs an explanation.