Colossal T. Rex walked the earth preferably than runA new finding suggests that the size and weight of T.Rex would have prevented him from running. It could move only at 20 km/hr. The dinosaur would have fallen under its own weight if he would have run instead of walking. This research can lead to our understanding of how the dinosaur hunted and caught its kill.

The computer simulation shows that it was impossible for T Rex to run as his skeleton was not powerful enough to carry its weight. This finding is in total contrast with the Hollywood representation where the T. Rex is shown as nimble footed. But another aspect that can be considered is till the Dinosaur was small in size, it could run fast. As he grew enormous, it became slow moving and there was a change in its hunting patterns.

Animals have a restricted time to reach their speculative fastest speed. According to the study of a group of researchers the species limited time occurs due to acceleration because of working for short periods of time anaerobically, without oxygen. So, animals can only spend so much energy without oxygen for limited periods of time.

The speed of dinosaurs has been contested and conjectured for years. Some paleontologists estimate the T. Rex could reach as much as 45 miles per hour (72 kilometers) while others said its speed was more traversed, at about 11 miles per hour (17.5 kilometers).

Zoologist Dr. MyriamHirt, who led the second study, evolved a unique formula that combined body mass, power and time required for stimulation, and such formula also found that the T. Rex was slower than previously thought. With its 16.5 mph acceleration, the T. Rex was more than twice as slow as the smaller Velociraptor, which could speed up to 34 miles per hour (55 kilometers).