Did you think Mark Zuckerberg as a premiere entrepreneur? Well think again! His interest in other fields except Software cannot be over ruled. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shown concerns over automation, safety and Fracking. Fracking refers to the procedure of generating cracks in the rock called shale to acquiring gas, oil and various other materials present in it.Zuckerberg’s plan constitutes visiting all the 50 states and gain knowledge about their economies and bodies.

Mark Zuckerberg promotes and philosophizes renewal energy development. Under his policy he gets to meet with the people who rely on oil and natural gas production for their everyday needs. He flew in his private jet to Williston to pay a visit to Nabor’s drilling rig and Statoil’s oil well.  Later on he gave a speech on education and housing.

He also visited a gold mine in South Dakota where scientists are configuring neutrino particles and anti-matter. He is also propelling people to make scientific research as their careers. He also highlighted the dilemma of the economies dependent on natural resources. They have been damaged by globalization.

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He says a renewable energy future is just tapping at the door and points out that his company is already pledged to 100% renewable energy.  He manages to educate the people on the other side of the argument. The detail about people celebrating the approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline is a heartwarming effort and a story not heard before. Even more noticeable is his statement about not demonizing people who are giving the energy the country currently needs.