Facebook Plans To Launch VR Headsets At an Affordable PriceThe virtual reality can be represented as a three dimensional computer generated environment which can be traversed and interacted by a person. The person is totally engulfed by the environment and can control it with the help of special electronic equipment. However it can never become an established norm unless it’s affordable or till it doesn’t require an expensive gaming PC.

This time Facebook is planning to introduce a new Oculus VR headset that is not only unbound but is also very affordable. The headset is named as “Pacific” and will be launched in the market by early 2018.The new headset will execute various activities simultaneously but may be giving a low quality output as its priced low therefore it will be an option to the rift but not its substitute. The pacific would be like Samsung’s Gear VR without the requirement of a smartphone. It will run immersive games, exhibit video content and you can utilize Facebook’s social networking demonstrations.

There will be sufficient investments specifically in standalone VR categories. Designs and features are yet to be confirmed but according to the sources it will be the concise form of the Rift. It will be lighter than Samsung gear VR. A remote control will be enclosed to steer the user interface. The pacific may not be as substantial as Rift which means the device may not be able to recognize where its user is spatially.

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Facebook has come up with a template of a wireless design of the higher end Oculus Rift which is named as “Santa Cruz.”It is sans high priced computer. If Facebook is able to administer the production of reasonable and appropriate quality headset without a computer or smart phone, then Facebook will have advantage over all its competitors because low priced VR experiences do not prevail today.