Christopher Nolan praises his cast for the movie DunkirkDunkirk was premiered at London’s Leicester Square. The fans were screaming their lungs out for the debutant actor Harry Styles. The movie tells the true story of ambushed troops being rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940.

Prince Harry was present as well and greeted the actors and praised them for their work in the movie.This included Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, and Mark Rylance.

Prince Harry also walked the Red Carpet with real-life doyen, including 97-year-old George Wagner, who performed in France in 1940 with the Royal Engineers.

Style mentioned that shooting near the waters of Dunkirk was a very big trial. The weather acted as a deterrent in their filming.

Dunkirk foretells the saga of allied troops that were encompassed by German army. The British army launched an Operation Dynamo that saw the troops being cleared by atleast 900 vessels that included fishing boats, fire ships, paddle steamers and private yachts.

Branagh said these events hold importance even in today’s situation. Different people react in varied ways. Some get frightened whereas others are more reasoned.

Prince Harry met with 12 WWII veterans at Kensington Palace. The Prince said that he wished the story would reach people all around the world and create the right impact on their minds.

The Royal acquainted Wagner to Styles telling him that the Veteran endorsed the film.

Christopher Nolan said that Dunkirk is not a war film but primarily a survival story and a suspense film.