Mass Extinction A Total Wipe Out Of Living SpeciesEarth has witnessed nearly five mega extinctions since its inception. Now it will be witnessing the sixth largest extinction soon. Nearly two thirds of the species are going to disappear from the surface of the earth. Scientists say that more than one third of mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles are slowly reducing figuratively. The mammals are losing out on their territory and therefore there is a decline in their population.

Nearly half of the total population of wild life is disappearing at a rapid rate over a period of 40 years. The humans are responsible for eliminating the wild species therefore a large part of forest is barren, devoid of any animals. The research methods are obsolete and are not useful for conservationists. The species that are high and short term risk are on the radar of the scientists. One million wild elephants have been reduced to 40,000. At this rate the world will be minus the   wild elephants in a span of 20 years. For example big cats or birds like swallows are in the process of extinction. The concerned authorities must act now and save these species.

The cause for this mass extinction is over usage of fossil fuels which leads to climate change. One of the main reasons human being is cutting down or clearing the forest is agriculture. Other reasons such as the constant rise of population which calls for more consumption and more habitable land are also responsible for disappearance of wild life. Poachers also contribute towards the diminishing of wild animals like Rhino, Elephants etc. who are killed for tusks and horns whichhave a very high value in the black market.

It is yet not too late to save our ecosystem. Our prudence can save the animals and their habitat. If we enforce stricter laws for the poachers and plant more trees to save the flora and fauna then we can save the fragile ecosystem.