The Oculus Rift and Touch bundle is on saleThe Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch are receiving a big price drop and this will be for the coming six weeks. It is said that the VR headset and motion controller bundle will be available for $399, nearly a $200 discount to its normal price. The Oculus’ took a summer-long attempt to promote the Rift, and it is over a year now.


According to Jason Rubin, Oculus VP of content, the sale is to attract people who “may be on the sideline because of its high price,” and to lure people who are not recently considering the Rift to look at its game library and growing app.


The summer sale follows with this spring offering a price drop permanently, when the Rift and Touch as each became cheaper by $100. Rubin assures that the Rift of the current generation is much away to get the lifespan end. He says, people buying Rift will find that the hardware will not get outdated soon in the recent periods and so it will offer the expected enjoyment for many years.


Rubin says “the hardware is not holding up VR adoption. The content and price, and as we have got to the point, we feel comfortable with content.


Buyers require a gaming computer to use the Rift, and no bundle discount is offered as sale. However, Rubin notes the Oculus-approved PC price has dropped in the past year, especially after Oculus introduced a specification in the minimum side that you can avail one for $650.