To Stop North Korean Aggression, Missile Strike On It Is Not Good OptionIn Washington, President Donald Trump says he is considering a pre-emptive military strike on North Korea, which might result in an unwanted retaliation from the country which is isolated from the world, yet possess nuclear arsenals.

The option of missile strikes on North Korea could be devastated for the allies of the US, which is South Korea and Japan, and even the US itself, because it has been proven that the North own several nuclear arsenals and those are able to hit several regions.

This option from Trump is not the answer to the ongoing North Korean ballistic missile tests, which are being done in every one or two months. As the experts are concern over strong retaliations from the North with nuclear arsenals would be dangerous, and also it has been speculated that the country of North Korea has ICBM that can land on the US soil, though no confirmation, no one would take any chances.

The military strikes might be done with an aim to destroy the entire arsenal of the country, or even stop its leader Kim Jong-Un from using its retribution policy of nuclear missile strikes on neighboring South Korea. If a nuclear attack occurred in South Korea, then there will be thousands of deaths, because of the geographical locations of the major cities present in the region, and most of them are within reach of the North.

On Thursday, Trump said that its time to confront the North, which is a thought to think about, said by many experts.