Snapchat Lets You Share Links, Filter Voice And MoreSnap Inc. has now emerged with new updates allowing users to add backdrops to photos, insert links to snaps and also to modify voice using filters. This image messaging app allows its users to add hyperlinks to stories and also to snap prior to sharing with friends and this can be done using the Paperclip new feature.

This tool is the significant and latest update that unchains essential users from Snap Inc.’s history of detachment from other apps. Now, the users can include to their snaps a website by merely tapping the Paperclip button. This allows your friends to view the links from within the app and can be done by swiping up on a message.

Sanpchats another new feature is the altering of your voice with filters. Earlier, this was available in the animated lenses of Snapchat’s, but now the voice filters permit you to remix your voice after a recorded snap. On tapping the icon of the speaker at your phone’s screen bottom, you will be able to see all the available voice filters to add life to your storytelling.

The update of Snapchat introduces a tool allowing the users to add backdrops to their photos. This is identical to the geofilters of Snapchats. This feature of adding backdrops allows users to add a design behind photos. Here you can tap the icon of the scissors and draw portions of photo to be displayed using your finger.

The fresh updates are an effort of Snap Inc.’s setting itself apart and it has been investing huge sums to clone such Snapchat features and to boost its appeal to teenagers.