According to the news, changes have been made in the travel ban proclamation that announced only close family members would be allowed to travel to the nation. Bona fide relationships and immediate relatives were not defined by the White House officials and cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, grand children, nephew, niece all were excluded directly from the list who would have been allowed to travel to their close ones.

This restriction is known to bring colossal criticism and vehement protests were faced as well. Hence, the protocol has been relaxed and according to the reports, fiancés are going to be allowed to travel as close relatives.

According to the state department official, including fiancés has become legal and this decision has been approved by the authority as well. According to the Supreme Court ruling, the earlier proclamation has just been modified a bit by excluding fiancés from the previous rigid list.

The remaining statement remains almost the same.  This decision taken up by the American dispensation is being praised and appreciated and hence, a tighter security is also enacted at the airports so that no fuss is created while the immigrants are allowed in the nation.

To allow fiancés to visit USA and relaxing the rigidity of the travel ban, is a colossal and important decision made by Donald Trump. This is about including fiancés as important part in the family tree. Nations like Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran etc are evidently relieved from rigidity regarding emigration and immigration.