Speith brings back the glory to America in the arena of sportsBecoming the second youngest player, next to Tiger Woods, Jordan Speith is known to hole a bunker shot to win the Travelers Championship in a play off on Sunday. He is known to take the place after Tiger Woods to post 10 PGA tour wins.

Though Speith’s shot, the 60 foot one that sank at the first extra hole is being criticised, his skills in this arena can never be over looked. His poor performance in the back – nine melt down that was poorly putted sis almost gave away the title to Berger.

Speith is known to card a closing 70 to Berger’s 67 and this is quite a neck to neck result. This pair is known to finish at 12 – under – par 268, which are two strokes ahead of Charley Hoffman and a player from New Zealand, Danny Lee. Speith’s young age and his number of wins are being praised at an international level.

According to Speith, the bunker shot was amazing for him and he is not sure enough that he will ever get back such a moment. These were being discussed in a green side interview after getting his 10th win at the age of 23 years. According to the records, Woods was the youngest to accomplish 10 victorious matches at such a young age.

Speith’s performance can never be taken as comfortable wins.  Speith’s ups and down are to be considered that he faced during this entire journey so that he can match the records of legendary Tiger Woods.