Steps to Remove From Google Search Your Private Medical Records ResultsGoogle is entertaining its user’s requests wishing to remove online their private medical records from search results. This is a surefire way of addressing privacy and online safety, particularly at a time that hackers wish to target the medical facilities or related peripherals around the globe.

Prior to actually getting into these details, a very important thing to be mentioned is that recently Google updated its policy by removing from Google the online content and now this includes many private peoples personal and confidential medical records.

Basically, all you have to do is send a proof to Google about your personal data appearing in the search results and to get in touch to take it down with the company. The steps are simple:

Step 1: Double check if there are not private medical records online and to confirm this, simply search on Google Search for your name. The ideal time to check is on receiving news about breaching of medical facilities by hackers making headlines.

Step 2: Copy and save the website URL where you found your details.

Step 3: Reach the support page of Google’s and take down online content making an official request.

Step 4: At the page bottom, click on “Remove information seen in Google Search” and answer the queries accordingly. At the end, provide the URL containing your personal records.

Precisely, Google is expanding the content types to remove from the search results, with the latest addition for private medical records.

As a thumb rule, the less info you have online, the less you will become a victim of cybercrimes.